Having ADHD in a Neurotypical world is like being the only zebra in a herd of horses, and thinking you’re just a sh*tty horse.

You’re not a sh*tty horse… you’re spectacular Zebra!

And when you know you’re a Zebra, you can seek out other Zebras…. So… Welcome to your Zebra herd. 

The inner sanctum of the Weeniecast podcast for ADHD Biz Owners.

As I write this, I’ve been procrastinating writing this page for about 8 months now…

Which is ironic, because the HyperFocused Community is an accountability group for ADHD Business Owners- pushing you to do all the things you know you need to do to make your business flourish!

So- I guess I don’t have to tell a long story about WHY I’m creating this membership for my fellow ADHDers…

It’s because I desperately need it too.

I need it now, and I needed it when I first started my business back in 2018.

About me

I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 7 years old. And back then, no one ever explained to me how my brain functioned differently.

They just told me I was easily distracted, tossed me some ritalin, and sent me back to class.

With a stigma filled label and some medication, I grew up with this sinking feeling that there was just something wrong with me. 

I bet you know the feeling…

So… What kinds of ADHD challenges will we deal with?

All of them.

This is by no means a finite list, but they’re the top topics that I get asked about most. 

Figuring out how to manage your time

This is a big one for ADHD Business Owners… ESPECIALLY if you’re coming from a 9-5 where you felt like you had it all figured out.

Cause while we thrive in structured environments- we suck at creating structure for ourselves.

And learning how to manage your time will change and evolve over time- which means that there’s no one right way for you to do it.

Which is why you’ll have a whole community (And me, your ADHD Biz Coach) to help you figure out what works for you, in each and every season of your business. 

Overcoming procrastination

I’m a master procrastinator… and I’ve actually figured out how to make procrastination a stress management skill.

And I teach it to every member in the group.

If you struggle with a never-ending to-do list and feel like you can never motivate yourself to get going on the sh*t you know you need to do to be successful, then this will be a game changer for you.

Oh, and we do co-working once a month to help you do the stuff you REALLY don’t want to do. 

How to prioritize your tasks

You know that feeling when you’ve spent hours trying to figure out what you should work on- and before you know it, you’re out of time to… you know… actually do the work.

Yeah, that blows. And it’s why in the Hyperfocused Membership you get access to Monday Sprint sessions, where you can prioritize your day and week, AND you have a whole channel dedicated to figuring out what you should spend your time on. 

Complete game changer.

Financial Impulsivity

As someone who’s impulsively bought 10s of thousands of dollars of online programs that I convinced myself were smart investments… I know how hard it is to manage money when you have ADHD.

So, in the membership, whenever you’re flirting with a big, impulsive purchase, and you need someone to play devil’s advocate- you’ll get me, helping you figure out if it’s actually a good buy- or if it’s something you’ll regret later.

Managing fluctuating levels of productivity

High dopamine days are often followed by low dopamine days- which means you’ll get a cr@p ton done one day, and then sit in executive dysfunction for hours the next.

It’s so frustrating- but also there are so many ways to deal with it. In the membership I help you figure out what your high/low to-do lists are, and you get support to stay consistent.

Overwhelming Stress

The constant pressure to meet deadlines and manage business responsibilities can spike your cortisol, giving you massive anxiety, and burn you out all in one foul swoop. 

In the membership you’ll get the support of me, your coach, and the community, to work through the stress and actually get stuff done.

Overcoming Poor Follow-Through habits

I always thought I was a great “starter” but that I sucked at finishing things. 

And I bet you go through the same thing.

Once the excitement of a new activity wears off, it’s hard to keep up the momentum and see it through to the end.

And I’ll be honest- there’s no magic fix for this- except working alongside others, who also struggle with this, makes it a lot easier.

In our co-working sessions you’ll be encouraged to commit to finishing a project you’ve been procrastinating doing- and you’ll have the accountability to actually do it.

Decision Paralysis

From prioritizing your to-do list, to dancing with all your shiny object ideas… there are so many decisions you have to make every single day, in the running of your business.

It feels impossible to do on your own.

But you don’t have to do it alone. In Hyperfocused, you’ll always have me and your community to turn to to overcome decision paralysis.

Disorganization (AKA Chaos)

I’m not coming to your house to marie kondo your sh*t… However, members get to ask me for all my top resources to keep track of appointments, finances, and important documents etc. 

And during our monthly coaching sessions, I’ll walk you through what will work best for you, keeping you focused on the money making activities in your business… and not trying to find your favorite pen.

Maintaining a consistent daily routine

Your business doesn’t exist in a vacuum… meaning how you structure your day outside of your work will directly impact how much money you’re able to make.

During our monthly coaching sessions. we’ll focus on elements of self-care that will actually help you get more done- and make more money. 

This kind of stuff will be different for everyone- and I’m so excited to coach you through finding what’s best for you!

Managing Distractions

The biggest struggle for ADHD business owners is that anything and everything can be a distraction.

And the bad news is that they’re never going away.


But you can learn how to manage them better. And I’ll help you deal with distractions as they come up. So you can keep working towards your goals

Hyperfocused is not for you if you:

Hyperfoused is for you if you are:

What’s included in the membership?


One 60-Minute ADHD Group Coaching Call with me (Katie)

In these sessions different members will be chosen for the hot seat, and they’ll get spot coaching on whatever is holding them back in their business.

One 60-minute Networking Call with the whole community

The membership is meant to hold you accountable, to support you, and give you a community of people who get you. It’s not a place to hard sell other members. That said, once a month, we’ll come together and you’ll get to introduce yourself, explain what you do, and make an ask (for referrals, book on podcasts, follow your business page, etc) of fellow members- so you can learn how to self promote without vomiting, in a safe place, with people who genuinely care that you succeed.

One 3-hour CoWorking session

No ADHDer can get significant work done in 1 hour. We spend the first 20 minutes trying to get ourselves to start, and the last 40 minutes eyeing the clock worried we’re going to run out of time. And then we have nothing to show for it. This 3 hour session is designed to give you enough time to get into flow, and actually make progress and finish your work. We check in at the beginning, and check out at the end, so you have public accountability.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Mondays of the month

30-Minute Sprint call

Where you’ll come up with an ADHD friendly prioritized To-Do List for the week. This system is designed to increase your dopamine, and make you more productive.

Every Friday

60-Minute Brave Biz Labs Group Q&A call

Every week I host this call for my clients and community members. Participants can volunteer for the hot seat and get spot coaching on any aspect of their business, marketing, sales, money mindset, etc., that they’re struggling with. (This session opens to the public on the 4th friday of every month- so feel free to invite friends for that session)

Online Community

The hyperfocused Community is hosted on Heartbeat- where you’ll get to connect with all members, ask Katie questions whenever you want, and get the normalizing support that’s so critical to your success as an ADHD Business Owner. With daily check-ins, you’ll always have a place to problem solve, overcome overwhelm, and be held accountable. )

Guest Trainings

Occasionally we’ll host specialists who can help you grow your business- From legal advice, to copywriting, to social media marketing- all will be vetted for ADHD friendly advice.



$ 77 monthly
  • Monthly payment for 12 months
  • One 60-Minute ADHD Group Coaching Call per month with Katie
  • One 60-minute Networking Call per month with the whole community
  • One 3-hour CoWorking session per month
  • 30-Minute Sprint call 3x per month
  • 60-Minute Brave Biz Labs Group Q&A call weekly
  • Online Community
  • Guest Trainings

Pay In Full

$ 777 one-time payment for 1 year of membership
  • Pay In Full
  • One 60-Minute ADHD Group Coaching Call per month with Katie
  • One 60-minute Networking Call per month with the whole community
  • One 3-hour CoWorking session per month
  • 30-Minute Sprint call 3x per month
  • 60-Minute Brave Biz Labs Group Q&A call weekly
  • Online Community
  • Guest Trainings
  • One-time payment of $777 (yearly discount of $147)

Frequently Asked Questions

You know that old sitcom “Cheers”… the opening song is all “don’t you want to be, where everybody knows your name? And they’re always glad you came?” *Please imagine that I just sang that to you*

Well, you get that here – if you keep showing up. You’re only going to get the full value of the community if you commit to showing up in the community. And you can only do that as a member. 

Accountability isn’t something that you get once and then never need again- especially when you have ADHD. It’s a constant thing. We need people to have our backs and call us out when we get stuck, and help us solve how to get back to work. 

And let’s be real… starting and growing a business is RIFE with freakouts. They’re going to hit you all the time, they already are. For you to really learn strategies that help you overcome the anxiety and doubt, that takes time. 

And for you to build relationships with other members that will help you grow and expand- that takes time… just like in cheers, if you want people to know your name and be happy you’re there- you have to be a regular.

In the group coaching and Q&A sessions I’m happy to answer any questions you have about your business. But, if you need help to start it, and you really want me to teach you, coach you, and strategize with you, then you’ll want to look at my other programs. This membership will compliment the business building programs I run, but it’s not a business building program itself. It’s primarily here to support you with your ADHDness and running your business. 

Right now they’re scheduled as follows. The Hyperfocused Group coaching Call is on the first Wednesday of the month at 1pm ET, and the Networking Call is on the third Wednesday of the month at 1pm. The Co-working session is on the 2nd Friday of the month from 1-4pm ET. Monday Sprint calls are at 11am ET, and Friday calls are at 11am ET. Guest trainings will be scheduled on a case-by-case basis and will be posted in the group. The coaching sessions, Q&A sessions, and Guest trainings will be recorded and available on the community platform. 

Occasionally I will open up my calendar to members only 1-1 sessions. You’ll get an email from me when this happens and you’ll be able to buy a one-off session as they’re available. Other than this, the membership does not include any other 1-1 time with me.

When we open up the call I’ll ask who needs coaching- and the first to raise their hands will get the spot. As the community grows I’ll see if this system needs to be evolved. I’m always open to feedback on how to improve the experience.

No… this is not the mastermind. The mastermind will be launching in the latter half of 2024 and will be focused on improving your relationship with money. As a member here, you’ll have first access to sign up- seats are limited.

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